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Jabber Applet Is Back!!!
    krakrjak - 2001-10-23 02:26   -   Jabber Applet 2
I was able to get a hold of David Scott the lead developer of the original Jabber Applet and we have merged my changes back into CVS there. Therefore this site will discontinue and you should point yourself over to for updates to the Jabber Applet which is now back in business!
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Jabber Applet 2 Is Open For Development
    krakrjak - 2001-10-22 14:39   -   Jabber Applet 2
JabberApplet2 is a project that grew out of nessecity. I needed an IM applet that used jabber. I checked out a copy of the JabberApplet2 from the jabberapplet project on sourceforge. As I started using it I learned that there were incompatabilities between this applet and the 1.4 jabber server. I attempted to contact the developers of the original, but all emails were bounced.
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